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Monday, July 15, 2013

Look Out Blog-O-Sphere!!!!!!!!

I have learned how to do something new.

Not that long ago in normal time, but eons ago in cyber time, Blogger rolled out its new gadgets, tweaks, layouts, and dashboard that were supposed to make the writing life a wonderful life. And I couldn't see a huge improvement in anything but the photo uploader. Thank you IE8 auto spell check, I know "uploader" isn't a word per se. HOWEVER, since this is 3013 and Google makes whatever rules and fake words it wants to when it wants to it would be nice for you to recognize that and not make me have to manually add Googleisms to the dictionary.... though I see that one will have to of course. Where was I?

Oh right... so while I've been on the other site adding pictures and writing about my art and the adventures inherent in long term storage of said works there have been tons TONS of pictures. And every once in a while I will totally overload the system and give it such conniptions that a musical Scrooge would be embarrassed by the shenanigans. The drop down tool bar for editing photos in the post editor will disappear so that I can not resize anything. Or it will make the picture all blue with its highlights and then the menu for text editing will light up like the Mother Ship in Close Encounters. The underline button turns blue. The Link button turns blue. And I don't know what all it means.

Panic. "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I can't loose this photo what the hell did you just do!" New Kirk Me says to New Checkov Me. And I say in theeeeeeeeeeee worst Russian accent ever (no disrespect to Yelchin. I suck. He does not.) "I don know Keptin." And then the feeling of inescapable doom sets in. There will be Romulans at the back door. WU-HAT. THEE. HELL?

The last new thing that I learned how to do made me so giddy with excitement that I almost peed. But I put on the grown up pants and went to tell my room mate only to find that she had been gone for hours. So I was forced to extoll my virtues to the three disinterested cats in the house. I believe at least one is the reincarnated Queen Victoria. She is NEVER amused. But this.... oh this thing that I have learned how to do...

Without having to learn to do HTML coding I now can make any word link to any site that I wish it to link to. Just. Like. Wil. And new to the Google task bar in this editor there is a strike out function, you know, for when I really fuck mess something up but kinda want to own it anyway.

Google has taken a lot of crap lately. And with the whole Snowden NSA thing (I know NSA, silence. From ME! Astounding is it not? Don't worry your pretty little loafers over this one though. I'll get to you people eventually) Google is taking a lot of crap for selling out and shafting those of us who use their products. But really.... you have to take the good with the bad. There's a time you have to go and show you're growing up. Being able to object to a principle while using a product as it was intended, to promote YOURSELF and the hard work that you put into things that you got excited about and made, is a grown up thing to do. Little kids get mad and take their toys home. Adults realize all systems are corrupt and learn to live within the system.

If you conscientiously object to everything then you will not participate in the commerce that is the world we live in. If you do that, if you fail to avail yourself of all the tools possible to make your life easier then you have donned the frock of sub-servitude, agreed to be the butler to Mr. Boddy without a means to be better than you ever were just because you don't like how cozy Google or anyone else is with the Powers That Be.

And that is where the PTB want you. If you don't participate they win. They win because they have beaten you and killed your spirit. They've chased you off of a grid that, if you and people who think like you would stay on and ride like a bronco buster, can be reclaimed in true Matrix fashion. You have to be in the Matrix to beat the Matrix. At least that is what I got out of three movies and a couple of over-buttered-popcorn gut aches.

Google give me great tools. And I love them for that. Google is in bed with the sneaky cheeky bastards in our Government and I'd bury it with a stake of Holly in its heart if it had one. But again... take the good take the bad take them both and those are the facts of our modern life.

Until we change it.

I should be asleep but instead I am rattling sabers at things with sharp teeth. Ah the joys of sleep dep.

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