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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dark Days Need a Bright Spot.... or 8

So what do you do when the landlord installs a deck after the first dusting of snow? Do you pine for warmer days? No! You bust out the goods and go to work making some holiday cheer.
And then of course make a picmonkey collage to celebrate the occasion. It was warm enough today to be out without a jacket and have the two tiger cats outside. Tessa kept wanting to run down the hill to get into mischief so that was a bit nerve wracking since they are not my cats. Don't need to let loose a wild and KA-razy girl on the neighborhood.  
You might think that I am a Christmas junkie and you would be right. I was without Christmas of my own for so long that busting these babies out of storage and finally opening the boxes felt really good. Spending the afternoon futzing with limbs and lights to the sound of Matthias Reim's Größe Weinachts Party was also pretty fabulous. Now I can not wait for snow to fall for real. I even got the windows washed.
It's just about time to relax with some eggnog and figure out what to do with the rest of the Christmas décor I know is floating around here. I've been scouring Pintrest for ideas. The housemate already thinks that Christmas threw up on the deck so it should be interesting to decorate without overwhelming her.
Sheesh.... and there is more in storage.
Oh and I have to find the attachments for the stand mixer so we can make cookies.
and gingerbread.
Note to self: research the origins of gingerbread and houses.

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