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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Looking for Living Quarters & Getting Stuck

I love having a geeky/nerdy boyfriend that is just as weird about things as I am. Did I mention that while we were apartment hunting he came over to look at all I had and help me sort in my head what kinds of things we did and did not need? Oh... I might have mentioned it on the art blog because that is what it was mostly about.

If I did mention it, I apologize for mentioning again. Since I can not stop thinking about what a gift the whole experience was for me I am talking about it again and not bothering to look through the posts to see if I already wrote about it. It's a big deal.

He told me that I would most definitely be setting up shop in the living room. All the art out in the open. The odds of us having company are slim. And any one who would come over already knows there is a huge art factor on both sides of the relationship so it will surprise no one. So it doesn't matter if the living room is the studio/library. How many people get to be that close to sustenance? And how many artists get to come out of the cramped back room or out of the basement? Any way...

All my life I've been told to hide my stuff. Hide who I am. He'd rather look at banks of white cubes than tons of pretty tchotchkes like other "normal" people would. He said that it inspires him to be creative when he sees others being creative. And then there would not be a huge disconnect, me in one room him in another. I don't know how that is going to go for me.

On the one hand... I don't like an audience because I don't want a record of the mistakes. And I don't like to be interrupted when I am in the swing of things. But... I also don't like to feel like the art makes me a freak that has to hide in another room while the normal people are eating dinner..... its so Harry Potter under the stairs. Or Jo in the garret. Except that Jo was accepted by her family for being a crazy writer. I am looking forward to it. He took one look at the basement without a source for natural light and the unfinished ceiling and the cobwebs and exclaimed

"You can't work down here! What are you thinking?"

He was right. I tried. Beyond the smell of unclumped cat pee I couldn't be down there. It was dismal. And thanks to the kidney I didn't have the money to do what I wanted to do with it. But..... times and locations are changing so we shall see what comes of this.

I am excited at least to think about a future where I am able to paint where I live instead of making a hole somewhere to hide. It can only bring out the better parts of my artistic drive right?

The hard part is that I am so excited to start painting in earnest again that I am having a hard time being focused on packing.

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