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Friday, February 20, 2015

Dear Russia,
 I appreciate your enthusiastic appreciation of this silly little blog. But please, with you all using a proxy server to surf this site, redirecting traffic through here on the sly, I do not know what my real audience is. Blogger says not to worry, that it is something innocent like people at work or school wasting time on the Internet and using a proxy to avoid getting fired or suspended. And I guess that is fine

But like I said, I'm not getting any real feedback from the stats. Sure, it doesn't really matter to you guys so long as you are entertained and don't get fired. But ask yourself... what are you learning here that is worth impeding my progress, chancing termination of gainful employment (I don't know. Is employment over there gainful? I wonder if our American employment is gainful at times. I don't seem to be able to get ahead.) Though if you are using a proxy server and using my site to direct traffic for nefarious reasons... spam bots, porn bots, et all then I guess it makes perfect sense to use blogger blogs.

It also means that you aren't really reading the blog and I am down to my original problem, and that is how to judge the efficacy of my posts to better write to the audience I generate.

Oh well. Maybe I should can this and use wordpress since they seem to be much better at dealing with this sort of thing than blogger.

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