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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hallo Deutschland!

..... and coming up from the back of the back Germany over comes Russia in a surprise turn of events.

I admit it. I read my site stats far more often than any of the programmers at Google think is necessary or prudent. Curiosity motivates me the most. Are you all just spam bots or are there really people at the end of the URLs and Google searches that are listed.

Lately the Russians have had the largest chunk of my readership. I attribute that to having joined a photography group based in Germany. And I think I can probably credit the German photo group with most of today's readership. And my pen pal making sure I am not dead.

I always think it is amusing how the stats stack up. And there is a wayyyy too excited Announcer Guy sports casting a fantastically boring race that absolutely no one cares anything about. It's just the humor in my head.

Sometimes I see readers from the UK. Mostly when I shout at the BBC about its licensing concepts. And sometimes when I mention Cumberbatch at all or a lot. But mostly my stats tell me that most of my readers are clicks from countries notorious for spam bots and false click throughs. So I entertain myself with the Internal Announcer Guy.

Today I am entertained. It is the largest German readership to date.

Go Germany!

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