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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


There is a kind of aesthetic that I am drawn to because of my Grandparents. Brocades and damasks were always part of the interior landscape of their home. It is definitely a European thing. When it comes to typesetting the aesthetic I am drawn to is blackletter and art deco or nouveau. The blackletter hand is all over the place with the German heritage. Simple inspirational plagues and the textbooks that Grampa brought with him from Germany were truly beautiful. Art Nouveau and Art Deco type styles have everything to do with the era that they lived when they first came to the states and the influence of advertising legends Alphonse Mucha and Maxfield Parrish.

Enter Verve and Verve Shadow.

This type face is one of the earliest of styles that I associate with the display fonts in publishing novels. Specifically, the editions of Sherlock Holmes and earlier gothic novels. Verve reminds me of the Mystery! type style.

Here I've combined Verve and a blackletter hand called Poppl into what I imagine an art nouveau era Holmes might have ordered for a calling card from the local penman.

And all I can say regarding the next episodes of Sherlock at this point is...

Bring on the Christmas Special!!!!

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