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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is That Even a Job?

It's been a rough few weeks in my hometown. Tourist season has been ultra busy and I have not had a chance to get out and see much of anything. It is beginning to wind down for the last push of fall color season which will probably be off schedule this year. So as life slows down and thoughts begin to turn with the seasons it is time again for the fake profiles to start asking for money or clandestine assistance. And so with the 5th attempt in four months I have busted another fake profile.

I should have a job with the CIA in the Profile Busting Division. I don't think that is even a job. But it should be. These jerkoffs prey on the lonely and desperate to funnel money and ship it across borders and steal identities in the process. If it is so easy for them to find me then it should be easy enough for the government to find them. And if it is not easy because the CIA is doing the hunting and there are internet protocols to keep that from happening then it would be nice to get paid to pull the old "BooYAh!" on them when I bust their fake ass stories wide open.

How does one get the CIA to pay one for supplying email contacts for people who scam? Can that be my job? I'm pretty damn good at it. I know instinctively who is going to ask me for help in some nefarious plot and who really is out there trying to get a date.

I want this to be my job.

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