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Friday, April 29, 2016

Tabletop Season 4; Can't Wait!

Tabletop Season 4 began filming while I was catching up on season 3

For those of you who don't yet know, Tabletop is a show produced on the Geek&Sundry Youtube channel. Developed by Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day, hosted by the Wheaton, Tabletop gives you an idea of the game mechanics and some hints to strategies as a kind of "before you by" concept. Tabletop is also the platform from which the Wheaton encourages everyone to "play more games". The games that they chose commonly feature cooperative play in the style of the German games we mentioned before in this post. They are almost all board and card games, a few dice games get thrown into the mix and they play quickly unlike a game of Monopoly which went a record 13 days in our house when we were kids.

The show was launched in an effort to bring families and friends to the table. While not intended as an anti-tech message, I seem to hear "Put your phone down" after he says "Play more games." From a social sciences perspective a game of some kind is an excellent way to find common ground in groups unfamiliar with each other or, in my case, too familiar with each other. Games were the ONLY way to bring my siblings and I together. I am notoriously anti social, given my introverted tendencies. In most of the selected games, players work with each other against the game to triumph. Castle Panic, Forbidden Anything, and Legendary come to mind. These dynamics follow in the same footsteps as Cataan. Cooperative play games tend to be less discouraging to play than say Monopoly when the action is consistent and one person dominates the wins.

Season 4 will air this Summer  Just released....  the list of games being previewed this season. 4 of them are ones that I have been eyeballing at the game stores. I am most excited for Mysterium. It seems like with the right people it could play like and episode of Scooby Doo. Beyond that, the description of game play seems like something that we all would enjoy over here.The art on the box drew me in. I am a sucker, a SUCKER, I tell you, for illustration. And honestly, the art is almost always what draws me in. If you hook me with the box of the box story I am in.

Season 4 he we go!

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