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Saturday, June 26, 2010

knock knock knock "Sherry?"

In case you all were wondering, especially Davine, I was just paranoid and the car thing is so much not the issue so much as it is that I am always looking for demons behind doorways or anthropomorphic sidewalks... there is a funny story for later. Geeks, you know the drill.

Head in a book, earphones drowning the world around you in whatever music genre you indulge and surrounded by the fangirl/boy trappings of your section of the Geek Venn diagram for so long that you almost don't hear the frantic knocking at your door. In my case it sounds like this...

knock knock knock "Sherry?" knock knock knock "Sherry?" knock knock knock "Sherry?" knock knock knock "Well if you aren't going to answer me when I know you are in there I'll have to let myself in." pause "Sherry?"

Wow look... everyone is Sheldon.

Anyhoo... after the Valentine Massacre and a host of bad dates that never made it to the next cup of coffee, I wasn't sure that this was a good idea because I just don;t trust myself to know that I am correctly interpreting what others say. I guess that is a problem for me too. I don't think that the burden of understanding belongs to me. I think that people should say what they mean; their actions should support their words. So if you flirt with a girl you better like her. And if you can't tell what she is thinking you should ask. And if you don't really want someone don't act like you do. So since I keep getting rugs pulled out from underneath me all the time I was actually pretty paranoid about this whole deal.

But like I said in my comment on that post: the car is on me; he picked out a car for me because he wants me to be safe and happy. And as far as the this for that goes there is no worry either. I've got a guardian angel. That means no strings, no oops I meant something else and no pressure. I have a great friend and I have to quit expecting my great friends to turn into Monsters cobbled together by mad scientists.

What a great sigh of relief.... breathing breathing breathing... it's a good thing.

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