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Friday, July 9, 2010

Another hello

Greetings and felicitations! It is Friday and Thank Steve the Fruit bat and whatever other imaginary Deity stand ins there are that it is!

First, I'd like to say hi to Sunnie, showing on the followers list as mides5. "Welcome aboard." And I've gotta say to you, Sunnie, "Holy cow you make me tired!" You look fabulous. I have no desire to put that much energy into body building. I just like to blow off steam. While I haven't the desire, it would seem that I have the need since the last doctor visit is rather annoying me.

secondly: HA! Blogger can't count either!!!! Shows 11 follower and only 10 of you show up on the follow list. So my guess is that the 11th person if a figment of Blogger's imagination or blocked their profile. Tsk Tsk! or Come out come out where ever you are!

third: I am serious about your blog posts sounding crazy. If you ever go back through them and it seems like there have been about 13 people (seek help when you find 2, don't let it get out of hand) writing your posts for you and you know that you are the only one who bothers to use up all of the gigabytes that they give you SEEK HELP!!!!

I've been struggling with a lot of issues lately. Chiefly with my tendency towards Nazi-ism at work. I know that is going to annoy my Jewish friends. But seriously. Tyranny may seem more accurate and politically correct a term to use but it hardly conveys the feeling of my own self loathing quite the same as Nazi does. The tyranny of logic, while logic is good, is not very effective in any endeavor. Tyranny breeds revolt. Or... encourages people to tell you that your behavior is revolting. Toss a coin.... it doesn't matter how you look at it. It is not a good thing to be the fiddling tyrant when the world is burning down around your ears.

I saw the doctor yesterday. While I am waiting on the test results that are going to tell Dr. Mike where we start with treatment, he is certain that I have PCOS. Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. First thing that ACG tells me is that it isn't fatal. I would disagree.

First because someone at work is going to kill me. One of these days Dave is going to go behind the machines to clean out the lint trap and find that I have become an episode of Castle. He watches CSI but he needs to lighten up a bit and have some fun with us on Monday nights. I know that no one in my class would ever associate me with the likes of the WWWest, Cruella DeVille or.... Dick Solomon. But if this weird, angry, petulant and tactless version of me doesn't shut up on its own someone will shut me up.

Secondly because it feels like there are many people in my head and not an iota of leadership, I am tired of being angry all the time and can physically do nothing about it I keep thinking that I'd be better off onto the next life than sticking out this one. Sure I have a name to go with the issues so its even easier to tell myself I am being an idiot. But what it doesn't do is make this idiot any easier to live with; and I am the only one who can't get away from her idiocy!!!!!

So... are people telling you that you don't seem like yourself? Does it seem like some of your blog posts were written by pod people or jack the Ripper reincarnated? Then for CRIPES SAKE!!!! GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!!!

Lecture over. Resume your day.

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