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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Space in Between

Life has been interesting with moving and being ill. Obviously I am not quite up to speed on all things blog. But then the only thing that I have managed to do in the last month that has anything at all to do with being the Geek That I Am is watch David Tennant's seasons of Doctor Who (I still have a few episodes to go), see STAR TREK: Into Darkness, and learn how to integrate Spotify with my computer files so that I have my best compilation of music. Oh and I did manage to make my point about how awesome schlager music is to people who were mocking me. Not hard. Ry never mocks me hard.... I like Star Wars and get the references so he can't. It's part of his personal Jedi Code.

But the fact that I haven't had too much energy for anything else is really bothering me. I love writing. And while the NSA and Obama Admin have given me a lot to froth at the mouth over during the last few weeks there just isn't too much motivation to write. I did get hooked on a video game for all of two days. But now it is just a nuisance.

I am in this weird space in between two things. Or rather, two of me. One me did everything she could to make people's lives easier with the expectation that there would be reciprocity. And I gave too much. The other me is learning that you can't give everywhere. That you give where the giving is not abused. So while I am in between Selves I am learning to figure out what is wise and unwise, who is worthy and unworthy and how to magnify my interests to attract the right people in the first place.

So for now we enter the era of sparse posts while I regroup....again.

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