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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today an open air concert is streaming live in Germany. Matthias Reim is part of the multi star day long event. And I missed it. I have to work. And always these things happen when I have to be at work. Yes, I do have cool bosses. And if I had a job that involved a cubicle, technobabble, or geeky co-workers then this would not be an issue. It would have been a work event.

We could still get our stuff done. But we would be experiencing some great music. But no. Stupid me, I have to chose a job that requires my nearly undivided attention & hands on participation. Cause you know that I would totally loose my focus the minute that man took the stage. It's why I don't allow myself to have anything but spotify up at work. For most OCD people it is shiny things. For me its someone with a great voice or Armitage Eyes.

Note to self:
  • have a conversation with the Universe about the kind of place I would next like to be employed
  • have a conversation with the Universe about retrieving my Chutzpah to become self employed successfully again.
  • be more vigilant about keeping up on the concert schedule.

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