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Monday, April 13, 2015

On the Porch with the Cat

Because this is what we do when we do not want to be around people. I am definitely a cat person.

It is a beautiful day in Northern Michigan today. Look at the sky color! It isn't anywhere close to the 60 degrees that they thought it would be today. And the wind is rather aggressive. But it is beautiful. Teeny really wanted out and I needed out. So we went out for about 30 minutes. She isn't allowed off the porch. The thing is, while I was under the impression she isn't allowed off the porch, I am pretty sure that it is because they think that she doesn't want off the porch. I've been told she doesn't make a move toward the edges for fear of actually dirt getting on her toes.

Now though, I am pretty sure that she has the humans in the house completely bamboozled. I see in her eyes that she is plotting. We don't leave her out unattended. Housing Association Rules. But I think that she is plotting an adventure.
 The problem with her plotting adventures is that there is a lot of trouble to get into not all that far away. The dog across the road probably wouldn't hurt her. But he would bark his fool head off at her. And she would probably get distracted enough to forget that she lives behind the pine tree behind her. There is also a lake with which she can get hurt. The woods around us are not really thick, but for a little thing like Teeny I am certain she could get disoriented enough to have a harrowing experience. Also... it would require movement.

Teeny is not an action kinda cat. Her preferred activity is rather passive in nature, as you can see. She is an observer. She is a very close observer. I don't think much of anything gets passed her.
 I don't think much gets passed her... except for the fact that she has an opposing shadow. Of course, that isn't the tip of her shadow's tale peeping up from that shadow edge. It is a ridge in the roof that just happened to be in the right spot.

Photographic composition is fun.
And here, she is doing an impression of an opening tulip. So perhaps she enjoys the porch as a stage.

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