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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mansplaining is a Republican Past Time.

I can tell it is a bad day.... I want to bash something. So I will bash a public figure.

Glenn Beck had some interesting things to say along with a rabbi on a popular man cave kind of show which can be found here.

I decided to post it on facebook to be a bit provocative and to throw something into the news part of the news feed that wasn't about the upcoming presidential race, homosexuality, wage wars or terrorism. Though I am sure that I will be labeled as one.

Here is my response on facebook
Never been a fan of the Menses. PCOS, maybe some PMDD in the mix and the incredible pain every month that is akin to passing a small kidney stone (I passed a medium sized one til it got stuck and required surgey, let me tell you! ) and all for the "priviledge" of dealing with people like Beck. 

Sure, lots of my lady friends have great guys. But an overwhelming 98% of the people who are interested in me are these kinds of stupid. This ANNNNNNND Menses?

This is what makes us sad... not the loss of an egg but the gain of that one idiotic WHY chromosome that doesn't know when to shut the hell up

Let me tell you, I am having a lot of trouble dating right now. Being busy with the hotel aside, that overwhelming 98% really does want to change me. And they start out with it right from the first email. I ask questions, for information and I get accusations instead of answers. I get name called and worse, the ones who are not obviously looking for a free ticket or to work out anger issues are trying to change me. As if they can pick a face they like then build a new personality.

I'm 45 for Pete's sake!!!!! I've done all the changing I'm gonna do. If I am not good enough in the profile then move along for fuck's sake! Just MOVE ALONG!

Do you know how much work is involved in manipulating someone else? Do you know how much more work is involved in conforming yourself? Ugh.... so totally not worth it. And at this age, if that is all a guy wants he can go sit with Chris Christy and Glen Beck to cry in their beers.

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